Parodi Solutions

Unique and Innovative Design

Thinking on you
and your company
Each software
has been designed
and conceptualized
As a "masterpiece"

Total Mobility

Mobile Solutions
that are easy to use
Keep the information
always with you
Wherever you are

Monitoring from Everywhere !

PSmonitor, allows you
to keep track of your company
and your team
on daily basis, on the go !

Take control

PScontrol it's a unique
Business Intelligence tool
that helps you make
the best decisions
at the right time.
Controlling has never been easier!

A Key Tool!

Just as important
as the traditional tools
in clinic and patient treatment
It’s our innovative PShospital

A whole new level!

Take your clinic or hospital
operability to the next level
become the leader
using PShospital

About us

We are a young, authentic, honest and free team that dreams, conceptualizes, develops and implements, with high rates of success, solutions focused on improving human well-being while optimizing professional performance.


productos salud

Web-based service that allows doctors or health professionals, to manage their day-to-day practice in an automated fashion. Everything from patient registry, appointments to patient hospitalization, surgery, emergency care will be within reach on your hand, from everywhere you are. On your mobile device.

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System that allows the complete automated management of  any health institution (Public/Government or Private Management Institution).

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A Collaborative platform for medical teams which perfectly supports special programs, that want to take advantage of telemedicine and/or referential systems. 

Very usefull for health networks regional or national oriented.

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productos gerencia

PS Monitor is the web based software that makes monitoring work teams easy and intuitive while simplifying the follow-up of any project objective and activities, in your company.

This tool makes monitoring as mobile as you.

You can keep track of  what your team is doing from everywhere in the world.

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It’s our unique concept of the Control Dashboard for your business.

Keep track of the key information and key indicators, a innovative concept that merge operational information and statistics, that helps you made the right decision on time.

PSControl systems can be implemented for health industry, as well as any other business.

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  • Our services range from diagnostic, action plan and follow-up proposals so that project success is guaranteed in the least possible amount of time.
  • We offer support on any organizational intervention to companies, at any level: board of directors, president, or management team.
  • We help define key information or indicators that will help implement business intelligence, decision-making and data analysis, all in real time.


  • We take into account our client’s specific needs in our solution-development process.
  • We create products that are tailor-made for each client. Our process in concept and design is thought to have your company stand out from your market’s competitors.


  • We offer maintenance and support on each solution implemented.
  • Immediate tech support to all software developed for every organization.
  • Support will be designed on a way that meets your company’s needs.






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